BGC Leduc Board of Directors

Our Board Purpose

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to represent the membership and to direct the Club to meet the mission and mandate for the members and community within the available resources.  The Board of Directors is the legal entity and authority for the Club.  The Board provides oversight, leadership, direction and sets policy to ensure that the Club can fulfill the mission, mandate and strategic plan. 

Our Principles of Governance

The role of the Board is to articulate and communicate the mission and values.  The Board defines the parameters within which the Club operates. 

The Board is a corporate body – individual members (including the chair) and committees do not have the authority to direct the activities of the staff.

  • The Board speaks with one voice, reflecting directions and decisions made at board meetings.
  • The Board speaks through motion.
  • The Board speaks by approving policy and monitoring the impact of policy.
  • The Board has only one employee (Executive Director) and leaves the management of the organization to this employee.

Our Board of Directors' Meetings

The Board of Directors meets monthly. Unless otherwise determined, Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 pm BGC Leduc. Any community member interested in attending a meeting of the Board (as a guest) or wishing to have an idea or issue discussed at a Board Meeting, is encouraged to contact the Board President a minimum of one week prior to the meeting, in order to have their information added to the Board Agenda.

Our Current Board Membership 2021

President: Mark Oliver 

Vice President: Trish Campbell

Treasurer: Melanie Gesy 

Secretary: Dr. Trina Baynes

Director: Dr. Bretton Baynes

Director: Allan Layte

Director: Kevin Doyle

Director/Parent Representative: Sarah Bredeson

Legacy Board Member: Nadine Lemming

City of Leduc Liaison: Jackie Kamlah

Chamber of Commerce Liaison: Jennifer Garries

Contacting the Board of Directors

The Board of BGC Leduc is accountable to its community, and as such, welcome any ideas, comments, questions or feedback pertaining to BGC Leduc. However, because the Board of Directors adherence to a governance model in terms of structure, all matters pertaining to the overall operation of BGC Leduc must first be addressed to and by, our Executive Director. However, if this has been done and a satisfactory resolution has not been forthcoming, community members and stakeholders are then welcome to connect with the Board itself. This can be done by contacting the Board President, Mark Oliver at

Becoming a Board Member

BGC Leduc is always interested in recruiting dynamic and engaged members of our community for our Board of Directors. Board Members will be chosen based on their individual ability to contribute to the meeting of the mission and mandate of our organization.  When possible, specific skills and/or occupations will be targeted for Board Membership based on current organizational need.

Prior to being considered for membership, all candidates will undergo a screening process to ensure suitability, which will include attendance at a minimum of two (2) regular board meetings, plus meeting individually with the Board President and Executive Director.

If you are interested in becoming a member of BGC Leduc Board of Directors, please contact the Executive Director, Shawna Bissell at 780-986-3121. You are also encouraged to read our Board of Directors Policy and Governence Manual, attached below.