How You Can Help Us Create a Safe, Supportive Environment

for Leduc Children and Youth.

Monetary Donations are great (O.K......maybe they are better than great) BUT there are other ways you can help!


Fundraising for us is not a one-time, annual event. We use our resources as efficiently and effectively as possible, but this is not always enough. We need to host numerous events throughout the year to cover the cost of our programs. Beyond giving pure money (which we will NEVER refuse) people can support us in our fundraising efforts in a number of ways:

  • Volunteer at our fundraisers and events.
  • Submit your new and innovative fundraising ideas to us.
  • Host a “mini” fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club at your work or home. Every little bit helps.
  • Talk about us to your friends and colleagues in the community. As them if they would consider sponsoring or donating to a Boys and Girls Club event or program. There is lots of support available out there; we just need your help in reaching out for it.



There are many volunteer opportunities available at the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc, from long-term support to one-time participation. If you have several hours to give or just a few, please give us a call and we will be sure to have something that needs doing!

We always need positive, engaged adults to work and play with our kids. Do you have a special talent or hobby that you would be willing to share with our kids? From cooking, scrapbooking, music to running, we are always happy to have you come in and introduce our kids to something new and interesting. We will help you with space, materials and set-up, and ensure that everyone (yourself included) has a great experience. After-school, evening and weekend opportunities are possible.

We always need emergency, back-up bus drivers! If a company is willing to provide an employee that is able to drive our full size school bus on short notice, we would be your friends for life.


Wish List and In-Kind Support

Serving upwards of 90 kids per day has a tendency to deplete our resources fast. Donated items, (even small ones) allow us to take the money we would have used to purchase them and divert that money directly back into our programs. There is no donation that is too small or insignificant to make a difference. We are always in need of the following:


  • Craft and School Supplies (paints, felts, crayons, coloured paper, glue, craft kits)
  • Cleaning Supplies (disinfecting wipes, dusters, cleaning solution, dishwasher soap)
  • Decorations (Christmas, Halloween and items to decorate at fundraisers)
  • Books (reading and colouring) and Kid Friendly Magazines
  • Board games and puzzles
  • Sports Equipment (balls, bats, outdoor games)
  • Healthy Snacks (yogurt, granola bars, juice boxes, fruit cups, fruit leather, cheese strings, fruit and vegetables, dips). We also accept “gently used” leftovers from corporate events. Order too much fruit for your breakfast meeting? We will take it!
  • Baking and Cooking Ingredients (for our Kids in Nutrition cooking program)
  • Things to be used as small prizes (to celebrate member milestones and successes)
  • Vehicle maintenance and repairs (oil changes, tires, inspections)


Sponsorship of a Program or Event

We offer a wide variety of programs and supports to our children and youth, ranging from nutrition to education to recreation. If you or your organization has a “soft spot” for a particular activity (Swimming, Cooking......), then why not sponsor our kids so that they can enjoy it as well? We take our corporate stewardship very seriously and would be happy to work with you to acknowledge your support as you see fit. We are open to one-time sponsorship or a more long term arrangements.



See anything that interests you? Please contact our administrative team.






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