Event Registration

Youth Program Waiver

By signing this form, you agree to the terms of the waiver, and acknowledge that it applies to both on-site programs at BGC Leduc, as well as any off-site programs hosted by BGC Leduc.

  • BGC Leduc is not responsible for the transportation of participants to the event, nor the after care or pickup of participants after an event has concluded.
  • Your youth may be picked up directly from the site. Once the event is completed for the evening, BGC Leduc is not responsible for the transportation of your child, nor will they guarantee adult supervision after the event has ended (as per the end-time that the Youth Coordinators have indicated on the sign-up forms and email).
  • Only those with this waiver completed and submitted prior to the event starting will be permitted to attend.
  • As per the email sent before the event start time, it is the guardians and participants jobs to inform the Program Coordinator of any allergies that are present. If allergies are not told to the Program Coordinator, they will act under the assumption that none are present and are not liable to any reactions that may occur.
  • This form must be submitted to the Youth Coordinator and will be kept for records.

By signing this form, I give permission for my child/children , to attend the event described above. I acknowledge that if my child does not adhere to the behaviour guidelines of BGC Leduc, they will not be permitted to attend this event, and the staff of BGC Leduc reserve the right to terminate a participant’s future involvement in any youth programs. I waive my legal right against BGC Leduc, its staff or volunteers for any loss, injury, or damage suffered during or by reason of participation in this program and undertake the responsibility of any hospitalization, medical and ambulance or other expenses.

Photo Release and Permission to Use Photographs for promotional purposes

I authorize BGC to take my child(s) picture and use their picture for the following purposes:
  • Inclusion in promotional materials and for promotional purposes such as agency slide presentation, visual advertising, video and/or public and professional marketing campaigns and agency media publicity including Websites, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.