Get Involved with BGC Leduc

  • Individuals and Business Teams: If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, please contact Cassy Nelson at executivedirector@bgcleduc.ca
  • Fundraising Events and Partnership Support:  We host a variety of fundraising events throughout the year as well as sharing long-lasting partnerships with other organizations whom rely on community volunteerism to make their events successful.

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Caregiver Volunteer Commitments

Caregiver Volunteer Commitments: if at registration you selected lower registration fees, supplemented by 10 hours of volunteer commitments as planned by our volunteer coordinator (seniorprogramlead@bgcleduc.ca) – please adhere to the following information:

After School Programming Fee Schedule with Caregiver Volunteer Commitment:

  • Annual Fee: $800 a year + 10 hours of volunteerism per family.
  • Deposit: If volunteer hours per family are not completed by May 30 of the school year, your $450 deposit will be cashed.

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Brittany Garlough


Additional Programming Upon Registration

  • All PD Days (Daily 8am-5pm) for the Black Gold Calendar Year for a flat fee $150
  • Fall Break Camp (Daily 8am-5pm) for a flat fee of $150
  • Spring Break Camp (Daily 8am-5pm) for a flat fee of $150

Note: Two balanced snacks will be provided for your child, please send their water bottles and lunch on these days.

For monthly payment plans

We understand the need for flexibility in financing your child’s participation in our programs. Our new registration software, Amilia, can support families to have one consistent monthly payment versus lump sum registration fees.

Should you wish to discuss monthly payment options, please reach out to our Program Lead for personalized assistance.

Volunteer Expectations

Track It Forward App Usage

Volunteers are to select volunteer opportunities through our Track It Forward App.

All volunteer hours will be signed up for and tracked through Track It Forward, you will receive your invitation. Volunteers are responsible for ensuring we have the correct email addresses for all who wish to receive information.

Shift Preparation

Volunteers are expected to be prepared for their shifts wearing weather-appropriate attire, bringing their own water/snacks as required, and being present to their tasks (off of their personal devices).

Volunteer Commitment

Your volunteer commitment may be fulfilled by someone other than yourself (friend and/or family member) providing they are 18 years of age or older and fully capable of fulfilling the responsibilities associated with the position in question.

Safety Policy

In the interest of safety and efficiency, no minor children will be allowed to accompany you when completing your volunteer shift unless otherwise noted, please contact Brittany at seniorprogramlead@bgcleduc.ca before bringing any minors along with you.

Program Support

Our programs are enriched through the generous support we receive from our parents and the community.