Our Leadership

Board Of Directors

Our Current Board Membership

Mark Oliver


Trish Campbell

Vice President

Allan Layte


Dr. Trina Baynes


Dr. Bretton Baynes


Sarah Brederson

Director/Parent Representative

Johanna Barron

City of Leduc Liaison

Rusty Livingston

Chamber of Commerce Liaison

Our Board Purpose

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to represent the membership and to direct the Club to meet the mission and mandate for the members and community within the available resources. The Board of Directors is the legal entity and authority for the Club. The Board provides oversight, leadership, direction and sets policy to ensure that the Club can fulfill the mission, mandate and strategic plan.

Our Principles Of Governance

The role of the Board is to articulate and communicate the mission and values. The Board defines the parameters within which the Club operates.

The Board is a corporate body – individual members (including the chair) and committees do not have the authority to direct the activities of the staff.

The Board speaks with one voice, reflecting directions and decisions made at board meetings.

The Board speaks through motion.

The Board speaks by approving policy and monitoring the impact of policy.

The Board has only one employee (Executive Director) and leaves the management of the organization to this employee.

Our Board Of Directors’ Meetings

The Board of Directors meets monthly. Unless otherwise determined, Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 pm BGC Leduc.

Any community member interested in attending a meeting of the Board (as a guest) or wishing to have an idea or issue discussed at a Board Meeting, is encouraged to contact the Board President a minimum of one week prior to the meeting, in order to have their information added to the Board Agenda.

Contacting The Board Of Directors

The Board of BGC Leduc is accountable to its community, and as such, welcome any ideas, comments, questions or feedback pertaining to BGC Leduc. However, because the Board of Directors adherence to a governance model in terms of structure, all matters pertaining to the overall operation of BGC Leduc must first be addressed to and by, our Executive Director. However, if this has been done and a satisfactory resolution has not been forthcoming, community members and stakeholders are then welcome to connect with the Board itself. This can be done by contacting the Board President, Mark Oliver at president@bgcleduc.ca.

Becoming A Board Member

BGC Leduc is always interested in recruiting dynamic and engaged members of our community for our Board of Directors. Board Members will be chosen based on their individual ability to contribute to the meeting of the mission and mandate of our organization. When possible, specific skills and/or occupations will be targeted for Board Membership based on current organizational need.

Prior to being considered for membership, all candidates will undergo a screening process to ensure suitability, which will include attendance at a minimum of two (2) regular board meetings, plus meeting individually with the Board President and Executive Director.

If you are interested in becoming a member of BGC Leduc Board of Directors, please contact the Executive Director, Cassy Nelson at 780-986-3121. You are also encouraged to read our Board of Directors Policy and Governance Manual, attached below.


Cassy Nelson, Executive Director

Cassy Nelson (she/her)
Executive Director

I have been with the Club since 2023 and it has been such a welcome experience! As a young person, I was always busy babysitting, working at summer camps and facilitating child and youth programs. After achieving my Bachelor Degree in Child and Youth Care, I entered the field of Child and Family Services and spent the last 10 years of my career supporting children, youth and families in various direct client support work and leadership roles.

As the Executive Director of BGC Leduc, what excites me most is the chance to amplify children and youth voices, establish long lasting collaboration with community partners and continue the great work of reducing barriers for children, youth and their families.

Safety, support, confidence, and healthy relationships set kids up for much more than a fun memory or a place to simply hang out. BGC Leduc has contributed thousands of opportunities for children and adolescents in our community to build resiliency, joy, and connectedness. I am motivated to continue this momentum, get creative, and lead BGC Leduc’s rockstar team into their next chapter of potential!

Brittany Garlough

Brittany Garlough (she/her)
Program Lead

My Club story begins as a volunteer in 2013…and I have yet to leave! I worked through the afterschool program in high school, moved on to summer programming staff and then finally worked my way to where I am today as the Senior Program Lead. The Club holds a very special place in my heart, and I would not want to be anywhere else. Serving the kids in our community has been a passion of mine and I am so thrilled that I get to wake up and do just that each day. I also enjoy supporting my team mates and helping our organization recruit and retain our incredible staff roster!

A bit about me personally: I am a busy mom of two handsome and goofy sons and happily married. We live in a beautiful neighborhood in Leduc and I love walking through all the pathways around our home. We spend tons of time outside, at the lake, in the pool and prioritize as much family time as we can. We are very close to our extended family here in Leduc and are so thankful to raise our children here.

Jenna Weir

Jenna Weir (she/her)
Youth Program Coordinator

I have been with BGC Leduc since 2017 and it feels like my home! I love working with all of the children and youth members here. Over the course of my career here at BGC, I have worked many different roles. As the Youth Program Coordinator, I am grateful to support youth in growing their skills, meeting new friends and increasing their confidence. This job brings so much joy to my life. I appreciate all of the kids and families here at BGC and I absolutely love my job! Outside of BGC, My fiancé and I own a home here in Leduc with our adorable pup, Otis. I love the Leduc community and being able to work here. I grew up living in Leduc and did competitive dance here for 15 years which I enjoyed very much. I now teach dance at a studio here in Leduc for kids ages 2-13!

Paislea Thomson

Paislea Thomson (she/her)
Supports Coordinator

I have been at BGC Leduc since 2022. I support the Club with programming supports, social media engagement, community events and building partnerships. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology specializing in Family, Youth and Diversity as well as a diploma in Criminology. I am now completing my after degree in Elementary Education. I have a passion for working with kids and I am excited to be a future teacher. My hobbies include going to the gym, hot yoga and spending time with family and friends. I am a foodie and always love to try new restaurants. I also love spending time with my cat Romeo!

Aida Barron

Aida Barron (she/her)
Willow Park Program Coordinator

I’ve been with the Club since 2022 and have really enjoyed my time supporting Club kids, youth and programming. I’m attending university and I love reading, swimming, and gardening. The Willow Park Program is so much fun! We are always busy with our youth members learning cooking skills, playing fun games and attending Planeview to partake in some intergenerational mentorship opportunities. The Club is a great and uplifting place to be!