BGC Youth Programming

We offer a wide array of youth events for teens in the community.  Our programs focus on youth ages 12-18 in and around the community of Leduc. 

Some of the many options that we offer for programming includes:

  • Book Club: This program offers youth the opportunity to follow along with the audio version of a popular book.  During the sessions they will either work on a craft that correlates with the themes in the book, or on nights when there is no craft there will be a snack provided that also follows the theme of the book. This program is offered as a hybrid with both Virtual and In-person options available.  For the virtual option, participants will join via zoom link during the scheduled session time and they will have received their activities and snacks by a porch drop-off delivered the night before.  The in-person option allows participants to just show up at the Boys and Girls Club with their activities and snacks already provided.


  • Girls Night: Our Girls Night is a strictly virtual program that is meant to foster positive female friendships while also exploring the artistic abilities of the participants.  Each week a craft kit filled with supplies will be dropped off to the youth’s house.  These supplies are all bought new and the girls will get to keep any extra supplies and will keep any artwork that they create.  This is a safe space for the girls to open up and chat about life events and make connections with girls from other schools that they might not have crossed paths with otherwise.   


  • Cooking Club:  In partnership with the Leduc Food Bank’s Kitchen Learning Centre, we have created a program where youth meet at their fully functional kitchen and learn basic cooking skills.  These skills reinforce safe knife protocols, how to properly store and prepare raw meat, and finally how to practice general kitchen safety when around hot equipment.  All the food and creations that the youth make can go home with them at the end of the class, and it is completely free and they do not need to bring anything.  This is a strictly in-person program just so we are able to ensure the safety of the participants.   

Head over to the Upcoming events page to see which programs are currently running and to register!

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